The beauty of the underground cave space attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. Unique stalactites and stalagmites of various colours prove power of nature. There are over 4000 caves in Slovakia, 12 are open to the public and 3 of them you can visit in the Liptov region that is because of the richness of the cave system called “Liptov Karst”.


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On the northern side of the Low Tatras, in Demänovská Valley, there is Demänovský karst, dominated by the Demänovský cave system, which is about 35 km long. There are two caves in Demänovská Valley. Demänovská Cave of Liberty is one of the most visited caves in Europe. In addition to a large number of uncovered caves, there are also abysses and other karst formations in the Liptov region. We will mention the deepest Slovak cave, Old Castle (432 m) that is also known as Liskovská Cave. There were found 48 bones here showing signs of ancient anthropophagous customs. In close proximity to Demänovská Valley is Jánska Valley that is also famous for its karst formations.

All interested parties for more detailed information about caves in Slovakia are advised to visit speleological collections in the Slovak Museum of Nature Conservation and Caves in Liptovsky Mikulas. 

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Demänovská Cave of Liberty

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Demänovská Cave of Liberty

The most visited cave in Slovakia. It is located in Demänovská Valley in the northern part of theLow Tatras, in the National Nature Reserve Demänovská Valley. In the last period, it has been visited by 150,000 – 175,000 visitors per year. It was discovered in 1921 and made accessible since 1924. Today’s entrance, artificially dug through, lies at an altitude of 870 m. Access to it is a comfortable sidewalk with educational boards. The underground spaces were created with the water of the Demänovka River and the Rear Water in a complex of limestone rocks. It has an interesting system of passages (lateral descending corridors to the horizontal cave level), a net of underground halls and domes, as well as a rich stalagmite and stalactite decoration. In addition to them and magnificent stone waterfalls, there are here small ponds richly decorated with flowery water lilies, cave pearls, and other formations. Stalactites and stalagmites are coloured from pink to red. The underground flow of the Demänovka River flows in the lowest part of the cave. From the total length of 8400 m, 1800 m are accessible. The cave tour is divided into a small circle: 1.2 km – 60 min and a large circle: 2.2 km – 100 min. The cave was declared a National Natural Monument. Since 1993 therapeutical speleoclimatic stays have been held here..

Demänovská Ice Cave

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Demänovská Ice Cave

It is located towards north from the Demänovská Cave of Liberty, with the entrance in the cliff called “Bašta“, at an altitude of 840 m. It was created by the former underground flow of the Demänovka River. Demänovská ice cave was explored by Juraj Bucholz jr. in 1719-1723. Numerous inscriptions on the walls and preserved rich literature show a great interest in the cave of the scientific circles as well as the wider public. It also called “Dragon Cave“ because of the finding of the bones of a cave bear, which were considered to be the bones of a dragon. In the lower parts of the cave there are beautiful ice formations. The most beautiful once are created in the spring, when most of the water penetrates the cave from the melted snow, which immediately freezes and creates powerful columns andice floor. The cave is 1750 m long, to the public are accessible 650 m. For tourists it was made available in the 1880s, it was reopened within 1950-1952. The cave is also a part of the National Natural Monument of Demänovská Caves.

Demänovská Cave of Liberty and Demänovská Ice Cave are located in a beautiful tourist area, in Demänovská Valley, in the Low Tatras National Park, where we also recommend you to visit Vrbické pleso (Vrbické Mountain Lake).

Važecká Cave

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Važecká Cave

It is located in Važecký Karst on the border of Kozie chrbty (Goat Backs Mountains) and Liptov basin at the western edge of the village of Važec. The entrance is located at an altitude of 784 m. It is 530 m long. It was discovered in 1922 and it has been made available since Horizontal corridors were formed by the former waters of the river White Váh. The
pure white stalagmites and stalactites create rich, fragile ornamentation and bizarre shapes reminding the landscape of a fairy tale. Bones of a cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) were found there. They are exposed in the corridor called Kostnica (charnel-house). The cave was declared a National Natural Monument. After reconstruction in 1954, 235 m were made accessible..

Stanišovské Caves

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Stanišovské Caves

In the mouth of Stanišová Valley into Jánska Valley are located Stanišovské Caves – the Big and Little one. They are situated on the southern slope of Smrekovica Mountain. Much later, on the opposite slope was discovered Nová Stanišovská jaskyňa (New Stanišovská Cave). Although they are topographically separated, genetically they compose one unit, separated
from each other by Stanišovská Valley. And even though the Little stanišovská Cave is as old as its well-known and respected sister, it does not enjoy the same glory. Nevertheless, it is visited by many many people leaving a large number of inscriptions. This “boom” started at the beginning of the 20th century.

Little Stanišovská Cave

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Little Stanišovská Cave

Little Stanišovská Cave is one of the oldest Liptov caves. Its length is impressive- 871 m and its depth is 28 m. You can see the true power and creativity of Mother Nature, admire massive stone walls and enjoy silence, peace and fresh air, making this place even more attractive. An experienced guide will take care of the sightseeing experience showing you round the parts of the cave. As there is an average temperature of 5.7 ° C in the cave, it is also important not to forget about warm clothes and stronger footwear. The tour lasts approximately 50 – 60 minutes.

Opening time:daily 10.00 – 16.00 Admission: every hour + individuals
November – closed

tel.: +421 908 640 061 mail:

Underground mine – Žiarska Valley (Bear`s Underground Mine )

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Underground mine – Žiarska Valley (Bear`s Underground Mine)

The only accessible old mine in Liptov. An experience that you will remember for a long time. You will see places created by hard work of miners during decades with the prospect of finding gold, You will discover all this all in an unrepeatable atmosphere of a burning oil burner. Every visitor gets a headlamp at the entrance, you do not need special clothing or
footwear. Paid parking – 200 m from the cave. Type for the whole family.

The protection and operation of accessible caves in the Slovak Republic is ensured by the Slovak Caves Administration in Liptovský Mikuláš, a nature conservation organization in the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic.