Accommodation Rules

Dear guests,
You are welcome to our guest house. Let us to ask you to keep the following rules:

  1. In the guest house can be accommodated only the guest who has booked.
  2. The accommodated guests have to present their ID (passport, driving license or other valid identity document) to the owner of the guest house to be signed up into the guest book. The owner is responsible for the data protection of all accommodated guests. For the underage acts their legitimate representative. The owner of the property is obliged to make out a receipt confirming paying for the accommodation. The services are provided according to the quality range stated in Regulation No. 419/2001 of Compiled Statues about the categoratisation of accommodation facilities.
  3. The price list is available in the guest house, on the Internet and in the promotional material. The guest is obliged to check the apartment immediately after the arrival and to report any
    faults.Accommodation time is 24 hours, it is necessary to check out till 11a.m., otherwise the next day will be charged. The time of the stay has to be agreed beforehand.
  4. The guests are recommended to bring suitable domestic footwear and clean their shoes before entering the guest house. The entry in sports footwear (ski boots, hiking boots …) is strictly prohibited. We ask the guests not to put skis, snowboards and other ski equipment in the room but leave them in the ski repository.
  5. Smoking in the interior of the guest house is strictly prohibited! It is only permitted in outdoor spaces (terrace, outdoor fireplace seating). Keep in mind the high risk of fire and compensation for possible damage.
  6. Respect silent night hours from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  7. In case of the lost key the guest is obliged to pay for the spare one.
  8. Pets are allowed only after an agreement with the owner of the property.
  9. Clients have disposal of using all the equipment of the rented apartment. They are responsible for the possible damage caused to the property and have to settle it at their own expense.
  10. Clients are obliged before leaving the apartment to turn off the taps, electrical appliances, lights in all rooms, close the windows and lock the door.
  11. It is prohibited to receive visitors and let them stay overnight without owner`s agreement.
  12. To get to the guest house it is possible to use the local access road. The parking place next to the property is unguarded.
  13. The apartment has to be on departure day in the same condition as on arrival day.
  14. The clients are obliged to keep the accommodation rules, their breach enables the owner to use the legal claim on pulling out of the contract before the expiration of the stated period. These accommodation rules are available in the guest house, on the Internet and the guests become familiar with them while arranging conditions of accommodation and on the arrival day. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.