Claim Rules

Guest house “Pod Homôlkou“
To secure the right and legal claim settlement process of any defaults on services provided in the guest house “ Pod Homôlkou“, I inact these claim rules in accordance to the respective rules stated in the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 250/2007 of the Compiled Statutes
about consumer protection as amended and as stated in the Civil Code No. 40/1964 of the Compiled Statutes as amended .

Article I
The Right of the Customer to Complain about Accommodation Services
In case of providing services of lower quality than was agreed, the client has the right to claim. As previously agreed are considered bookings confirmed personally, in writing, by e-mail, a phone call or sent by post .

Article II
Claim Exercise
If clients find out any facts that can be an object of a claim, they have the right to exercise it forthwith at the owner’s or other person’s in charge. To settle the claim as soon as possible, clients are required to submit documents about providing accommodation services (order, invoice, receipt… ), to discuss the issue personally and to enable the owner or the person in charge to make sure of the legitimacy of the claim. If needed, clients have to submit the object under claim. The owner or the person in charge are obliged to decide immediately, or within 3 days how to settle the claim.

Article III
Possible Fault Removal
Clients have the right to free removal of minor faults (light bulb replacement, repair of plumbing or a socket …) in the range of the Regulation of Slovak Ministry of Economy No. 277/2008 of the Compiled Statutes.

Article IV
Serious Faults
If it is impossible to repair technical breakdowns (breakdown of the heating system, water supply… ) and the guest house is not able to provide the clients another accommodation, they have the right

  • to a discount
  • to cancelling of accommodation (as a rule before staying overnight) and to money refund

If the guest house decided to change the accommodation contrary to the one confirmed in the order, and clients do no agree with it, they have also the right to cancelling of accommodation and to Money refund.

Article V
Period For Claim Exercising
Clients are obliged to exercise the claim immediately, without undue delay, otherwise the right to claim lapses.

These claim rules come into effect on 23.03.2020

Knapčok Ján